Writer's Block: Duos

Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair—who is your favorite TV couple?
From Babylon 5 my favorite TV Couple was Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova and Marcus.

It was a love touched but showed with action.
He died for her and she never told him she loved him until he died.
It was a tragic love. Marcus was always their for her till his death.

Babylon 5

This weekend I watch fifth season.
One of my favorite shows if Espisode 4: A view from the Galley
It was about Mack and Bo maintenace workers and what they thought of Capt. Lochley, Sheridan and Delenn.
Mack and Bo could see the love of Sheridan and Delenn. It was great seeing through someone  eyes.

Writer's Block: Personal Freedom

Every day I wake up in the good old USA I thank God.
For I was born a free woman and I can vote and wear what ever the hell I want.
I do not have to have a man and I do not have to be covered.  I do not have to walk behind any man.
If my spouse dies I do not have to loose everthing and live in the streets.
I can say or do anything that does not hurt anyone or my self.
I am just so Happy to be an American woman.......


Imagine a world without Star Trek. Is it a world you'd be very happy to live in, or a dark and terrible place?
If you keep your mouth shut, you won't put your foot in it.

No one has ever repented of having held his tongue

True silence is the rest of the mind.

I have been silenced for 19 weeks.  Now I'll try to write some.


Writer's Block: Redoing Nature's Color Palette

If you could manipulate the color schemes of nature, what things in nature would you change the color of? What would you change them to?
 If I could change manipulate the color schem of nature I would keep the trees brown and green but change posion ivy to purple or some off the wall color because so when I came across it I would know what it was.  All plants that are viney are the same to me.